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36 Jahre alt, dominant Männlich, 187 cm, 80 kg
Wohnort: Österreich, Wien
Letzter Login: 2016. 11. 02.
Mitglied seit: 2015. 12. 10.
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I am a single Dom, living near Vienna that is looking on this website for a relationship to a sub, that is built upon mutual respect and trust.

For me bdsm is more than just a kinky variation in the bedroom, it is a lifestyle that is deeply engraved within my being. However, that does not mean that I am not capable of differentiating between bdsm play and "real" everyday life, meaning that I do not feel the need to dominate every hour of the day or suffocate my partner with a need to control.
I respect and honor established boundaries and I am always seeking open communication about soft and hard limits. I believe that without this mindset there can be no fulfilling bdsm relationship.

If these words resonate with your view on this wonderful subject, I'd suggest that you send me a message :)

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