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38 Jahre alt, Switch Männlich, 178 cm, 74 kg
Wohnort: Ungarn, Budapest
Letzter Login: 2016. 11. 19.
Mitglied seit: 2012. 07. 29.
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The below was my old profile, but I decided to update it, since now I am seeking someone...
I am looking for ONE women who
- is single and loves it, like me;)
- has decent life, carrier, friends… etc., so everything what man can expect from the life. – I have all these things, but something is still missing:)
- is intelligent, has a degree, but knows that latter does not guarantee the first
- occasionally, beyond his weekly routine desires some exciting, unusual, luscious and discreet escapade, which could be strictly our common secret
- brave enough to realize her fantasies, to use a man for her own exclusive satisfaction, to take away what she needs from his man irrespective, whether he is willing to do that or not
- do not feel shame because of having a vibrator in her drawer and when use it, but also prefers to have human type too for the same purpose;)
- is aged between 25-40, plus minus few years,
- lives in the capital,
- and very fastidious.

If you are as above and interested in meeting man like you, please do not hesitate to contact me, and let's see whether we are really looking for each other.

Dear Visitor,

I'm a thirty years old independent, very intelligent, high educated guy, who has decent life and solid career in financial sector. I'm looking for one, two, but maximum three girls similar to me (very intelligent, high educated & cultured, having successful life, and discreet) who are interested in a special party (birthday, name day, bachelorette party or just a simple night when you desire something extraordinary) when I am at naked serve drinks, foods to you, give massage to your legs/back/neck, dance & chat with you, all in all entertain you for your sole pleasure, maybe including light bdsm and/or role plays.

I highlight that I am not a professional escort, masseur, stripper or similar and I have never done similar thing earlier. I am doing it purely because of curiosity and to dredge my hidden exhibitionism. Therefore the whole thing must be based on mutual sympathy, which is absolute necessary. In line with this it is not a service that you can buy for money.

I am of course Hungarian, but these lines were intentionally written in English, to filter out, how-to say "simple" person/persons, who are definitely not the type I'm looking for.

I am looking forward to receiving for your messages:)

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