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26 Jahre alt, Submissiv Weiblich, 180 cm, 65 kg
Wohnort: Ungarn, Budapest, Budapest
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Mitglied seit: 2014. 10. 17.
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My name is Katja. I never tried real BDSM but I really want to. For me it takes time to take actions so if you are an unpatient person, you should really skip this profile. ;)
I'm interested more in the psychological part than in the pain side of this game. You should never hit me just to show you are in controlI. I want to be submissive by a choice but that choice cannot come if i don't think that you can dominate me, and dominate me with respect.
I collected in bullet points from my favourite blogs what I want from my future Dom.
My ideal DOM thinks:
-A Dom cherishes and loves his sub for "Her Gift" of submission.
-A Dom takes the time to build that trust and rapport with a sub by understanding her sexual interests, past experiences, fears/concerns, kinks/fetishes and limits.
-The concept behind a power-exchange relationship is based on respect and the earnest desire to be a positive, healthy, mate.
-The role of a submissive is most-often a temporary state a woman chooses to take on for a play session or an evening or set time period. After that period is over, you revert to roles of equals.

will be continued...

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dominant Weiblich, dominant Männlich

Alter: 25-40 Jahre
Höhe: 180- cm
Gewicht: -90 kg


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