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49 Jahre alt, dominant Männlich, 180 cm, 90 kg
Wohnort: Deutschland, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dortmund
Letzter Login: 2015. 09. 27.
Mitglied seit: 2014. 02. 05.
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Dom sucht junge Neu 24/7-365 Slave fore LTM.

Hello Sweet Slave,
I am pleased with your interest.
I am interested in the 24/7 extremely submissive slave.
They are very suitable for my education and love.
Seeking honest, long-term relationship.
Will you from me further and Ausgebildest led to new BDSM limits. Submit Absolute IS the beginning of your desire and your future life under my control and possession.
If you behave well, even marriage and children is possible.
When you are ready, your 24/7 slave happiness are to take and give yourself PROPERTY das. one with me in Germany, then please send me your application to take pictures and Skype name.
I tell you then what we will do next.

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